I like old movies, because so many new movies suck. I hate going to the movies because I can't stop myself from saying "cha-ching!" under my breath every time I see a Pepsi can or a Dell laptop.

I have several friends who are natural blonds, and they are all very smart. Go figure.

I prefer cats to most people. Actually, to all people, which isn't to say that I don't like people; I do. But I love cats. Mine are Maine Coons, and honestly, they're the funniest possible cats. I can't stay mad when Marilyn sashays down the stairs. She just looks so funny with her swishy tail, tablespoon sized paws, and fuzzy britches. The cats keep me company, and they keep me entertained.

I would do just about anything to help a cat in need. I've been a foster cat mom, a rescue coordinator, a shelter volunteer, and a resource for people who need help with their cats.

My irrational fears include tap water and toddlers, and frankly I think both those things are fairly rational things.

Oh. And I hate birds. Hate them. Other things I hate include lying politicians (Tom DeLay, I'm looking at you), the flu, traffic, creepy crawly bugs, telemarketers, big lying corporations, the color coded terror alert system, and mainstream religion.

But I love fresh figs, random phone calls from friends, bubble coffee with jelly, old movie theatres, live music, museums with no admission fees, used book stores, architectural detail, lip-colored lipstick, abstract expressionism, chili half smokes, small batch bourbon, bad baby names. cookies, and getting into conversations with strangers. I especially love getting comments, even if they have nothing to do with that particular blog entry. That just rocks.

It all balances out; at least, I hope it does.


I'm interested in things. What kind of things? Zorak things. (Look, I'm mixing pop culture references.)