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Thanks for the heads-up!

If you ever see the Italian Roast coffee on the disco list, make sure to sound the klaxon!


I always found the peanut noodle salad to be way too salty. After years of avoiding salt, my body doesn't tolerate it well, and after a few bites of TJ's PNS (the ones I managed to swallow, since that much salt triggers my cough reflex) my feet would swell up for the rest of the day.

However, if TJ's ever discontinues the steel-cut Irish oatmeal, I shall mourn.


The salt is my one consistent complaint about TJ's packaged foods. I don't worry too much about fat in most of them since it usually stays in the tray or pan (depending on preparation) but there's no way to desalinate, say, canned soup.


Stuff from TJ's almost always has way too much salt because it's a preservative, but we can get away with using it while still claiming not to use preservatives.

Clever dodge, that.

I might not have noticed before living with an almost sodium-free diet, but I definitely do now. Prepared food has a ton of salt, which is one of the reasons it's so bad for you.

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