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:) Glad you're back.

I love that aioli! I use it as a meat topping. It goes well with both pork chops and salmon.

Have you tried TJ's mayonnaise? I just opened a jar and it's great. I thought Hellmann's was the shiznit but I'm wrong.


I use the aioli on sandwiches, and in salad dressings. It also works very nicely in a gravy for spiral-sliced ham, which also has vermouth and thyme. Got the recipe from Cook's Ilustrated. It's my top substitute for Dijon, which I don't like because the heat is unbalanced by any real flavor.

I love TJ's mayo. I think that made my first top ten list. At the price, it's especially good. When I started buying it, I think it was $1.79, but the price has gone up, just like the price of everything else.


Two things:

1) I went to dinner with my parents at a restaurant they've decided they like a lot, and the teenaged waitress pronounced aioli "eh-oh-lye" (primary stress on the first syllable, secondary stress on the third) and I didn't have the heart to correct her.

2) For loyal eyeroll.net readers who otherwise are out of the communications loop, Amanda's back in the hospital with a failure of her transplanted pancreas. Considering the circumstances, she sounded pretty upbeat when I talked to her.

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